Structure Funding

Membership is open to ETB staff employed as Guidance Coordinators, Guidance Counsellors and Guidance Information Officers across FET and retired members of the Adult Educational Guidance Service.

Members are represented by a National Executive Committee which is elected at the annual general meeting.

The function of this Committee is to implement the objective of the AGA.

Members of the National Executive 2019/2020

Catherine Greene  – Chairperson John Doherty – North East and Midlands Rep
Oonagh Maher – Acting Vice Chairperson Niamh Brennan – North West Regional Rep
Niamh Brennan – Acting Secretary Claire Nagle –  South West Regional Rep
Karen Granville  – Treasurer Phillip Cullinane – South East Regional Rep
Aisling Cusack  – Acting PRO Stephen Byrne – East (Wicklow/Kildare and Dublin) Regional Rep
Elisabeth O’Doherty – GC Union Rep