Our History

Our HistoryIn 2000, the Department of Education and Science established the Adult Educational Guidance Initiative (AEGI) with a remit to provide career and educational guidance and information to participants in the further and adult education sector. Coordination of this Initiative was provided by the National Centre for Guidance in Education, NCGE.

In 2001, the Adult Education Guidance Association (AEGI) was established as the representative body for staff working in the AEGI. In 2019, the AEGI was renamed the Adult Guidance Association AGA.

AGA members have worked closely with the National Centre for Guidance in Education (NCGE) to identify the unique guidance needs of adult learners. With Department of Education and Skills support AGA members have developed high quality professional guidance services that respond to ever changing service demands in dynamic, meaningful ways.

The AGA acts to further the profile of adult educational guidance in Ireland in a number of ways. Through its regional structure it provides a forum for good practice sharing and discussion of common issues, as well as enabling feedback to the Executive who can raise these issues at a national level.