The AGA liaised with the TUI and SIPTU and these bodies became involved in discussions with the Department of Education and Science.

The Department of Education and Science circulars which finally emerged were formed in 2004 and 2007 in relation to job descriptions for AGA Staff.

The number of clients who accessed AGA services between 2000 and March 2010 are as follows:

Clients met in 1:1 sessions 69,512
Group clients 88,956
Public Information queries answered 74,470
Total number of beneficiaries 232,938

2010 – Adult Guidance one day conference

In 2010, the AGA presented a one day conference called “Adult Guidance – Providing Leadership, Vision and Hope for the Future”. This was a celebration of ten years of the Adult Educational Guidance Initative, involving AGA members and AGA clients. Guest speakers included Professor Tony Watts and Nick Williams.

2007 – Full Membership of the AEGI Advisory Group

The AGA was invited to attend the AGA Advisory Group to represent the staff. From 2007, AGA was invited to full membership of the AGA Advisory Group along with all other relevant stakeholders.

2004 – Second National Conference of the AEGA  |  IFSC, Dublin

In June 2004, the second national conference of the AGA, entitled “WHERE TO KNOW – Guiding adults in the 21st Century”, took place in the IFSC. The conference provided the opportunity to look at some important issues facing adult guidance professionals in their work such as designing courses, addressing language barriers and looking at theories of adult education and adult guidance. Minister for State for Education, Sile de Valera opened the conference and Dr. Ted Fleming, Acting head of Adult and Continuing Education, NUI Maynooth, gave the keynote address.

2003 – First National Conference of the AEGA  |  Waterford

In 2003, the first Adult Guidance Conference was organized By AGA and was held in Waterford – “opening the Doors to Opportunity”. This was a one day conference which provided a forum for sharing and discussion of guidance practice within the adult education sector in Ireland.